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  1. Build 2267 tested. Great work. (Bogus?) +12v and +5v disappeared, but now we can monitor dimm voltage, which even corresponds to bios)). Also cha fan returns back. Another difference over b2260's report is audio subsystem. Now it much lesser (although onboard audio turned off thru bios), all "core system" audio entries disappeared from new report.
  2. PC health status contains: fans speed system temperature cpu voltage (currently 1.192v) dimm voltage (currently 1.520v) (all unadjustable) And link to fans control. PS This mb is veeeery low level.
  3. Unfortunately this mobo has neither overclocking abilities nor voltage monitoring/control in bios. Even "tweak" section contains only "spread spectrum" and "autodetect dimm/pci clk".
  4. List of problems: 1. Voltage +12v exists in sensors page, but not listed in System stability test- voltages. (and probably +5v and +12v displays needs to be adjusted) 2. As in my previous post(http://forums.aida64...ows-as-cpu-fan/), this mobo has two fan hardpoints, but if only one fan is installed, aida considers it as cpu's. So I perform a little investigation and made dumps for single cha, single cpu, and both fans installed. Cha fan's velocity is about 550rpm and cpu's - 1500. CDC-ID2550-Report-sens-cha.txt CDC-ID2550-isasensordump-cha.txt CDC-ID2550-Report-sens-cpu.txt CDC-ID2550-isasensordump-cpu.txt CDC-ID2550-Report-sens-cha+cpu.txt CDC-ID2550-isasensordump-cha+cpu.txt
  5. It works. Single "CHA_FAN1" now displays as "chassis". Unfortunately till Monday I don't have physical access to this computer to test both fans.
  6. This mobo has CPU fan, but a large passive processor heatsink. It also has two fan connectors: CHA and CPU. If both fans are connected, aida displays cpu fan and chassis fan; but if one of them is not present or forcefully stopped by thumb, the remain fan always threats as cpu's. They have different velocities, so I can see how chassis fan "becomes" cpu's and back. In additional, like http://forums.aida64...__fromsearch__1, fans are switched (checked by slightly manually decelerating). Here is ISA sensor dump and sensors debug dump. isasensordump.txt sensorsdebug.txt
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