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This is a more general question, but the need for it is in connection with AIDA64 using for G19's LCD display.

When starting the PC the drivers and software are starting in this order:AIDA64, FRAPS and one of the very last is the newly installed LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) for G19 and other Logitech devices.

So AIDA64 has an error and cannot display his info on the panel, because at the time that AIDA64 driver is automically started no G19 driver loaded. I can only terminate AIDA64 (and FRAPS and similar untilities) and start again: Then everything works.

Any chance, how the order of automtacally starting drivers can be set in msconfig on XP (and how to do on Win7)?

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When you've got a Logitech LCD keyboard, there're two methods of starting AIDA64 at Windows bootup. First is the classic method of using the option in AIDA64 Preferences / General page, which starts AIDA64 from either the Registry's relevant Run section (under Win2000/XP), or using the Task Scheduler (of Vista/Win7/Win8). Using this startup method may cause issues when bootup order of software and drivers get mixed up.

Second method is using the Logitech LCD Manager to launch AIDA64 when it starts up the applets. I suppose in your case this option should be used, and the classic startup method in AIDA64 Preferences should be disabled. That way LCD Manager will launch AIDA64 when it initializes the LCD applets.



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