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Wrong alert and bad display...


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On several PC's under XP Pro SP3, I have Aida64 running automatically when Windows starts.

Recently, I've modified my preferences to get alerts when my cooling fans are under 100 rpm.

On all my PC's, when Windows starts, I get randomly wrong alerts with 0 rpm for one or two fans... :blink:

Besides, for the temperatures icons in the systeme task bar, sometimes only one is displayed at startup.

I'm obliged to exit and restart Aida64... :blink:


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1) What version of AIDA64 are you running?

2) What motherboards do you have in those computers? Are there any common components of them that may be behind this issue?

3) Do you have any other hardware monitoring, tweaking or overclocking software installed? (e.g. Asus AI Suite, Gigabyte EasyTune6, SpeedFan, HWMonitor, etc)



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1) Aida64 v2.60.2100

2) Asus P5Q Deluxe, Asus P5Q-E, Asus P5E, Asus P5B-E, with almost the same softwares...

3) No other monitoring (Aida64 is the best for me).

FYI: The other softwares starting in the same time are:

- Malwarebytes

- Avira Free Antivirus

- ZoneAlarm


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