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DMI items - user edit?


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XP Pro w/SP3 > AIDA64v2.70.2200

Computer > Summary > DMI

DMI System Manufacturer = System manufacturer

DMI System Product = System Product Name

DMI System Version = System Version

DMI System Serial Number = System Serial Number

Similar entries for DMI Chassis ****

My system is homebuilt - are these DMI items not something I could change to indicate this is a homebuilt system?

I did notice the same listings in previous AIDA versions - decided it was time to ask.


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There are several tools that motherboard manufacturers and system assembly companies use to fill in DMI tables, but they're not for the general public. You basically need a tool that is suitable for your motherboard, since there're one for old Award BIOS, one for newer Award BIOSes, one for AMI BIOS, one for Intel motherboards, etc. etc.

But in most cases DMI information doesn't affect any software or driver, so having it improperly filled makes no difference at all.

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