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Aquasuite X57 slows down AIDA64 sensors reading

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10 hours ago, Elderdeekey said:


Could you please ask Aqua folks via forum (I do not know German) -

WHY everything goes smoothly with Aida64 sensor reading when Aquasuite X.53  is installed
as soon as it is updated to version X.57  Aida64 reading becomes extremely slow?! (Indeed it is the same PC/OS/Aida64 version with the same settings.)

In my humble opinion something has been changed by Aquasuite programmers in between (could be in v. 54, 55, 56 or 57).

Thank you!

There is already a thread on the Aquacomputer German forum about the D5 Next not being reported by AIDA after the AQS X.57 update. Here is the LINK. In Google Chrome, it will either automatically switch to English or you can right click anywhere on the page and select "Translate to English".

They said that they did make some minor changes to the D5 Next USB protocol, and that it should not affect an external program (like AIDA) that is coded in a "tolerant manner". Aquacomputer knows that HWINFO, AIDA, and SIV all report data from their products. AFAIK, this is only possible by reverse engineering their USB communications, because when asked to provide this information, they always refuse. You can try to persuade them but I don't think you are going to get very far. Their position is that as long as the D5 Next is working properly with AQS, they have no problem to solve. They are not interested in helping the AIDA devs update their code and they do not care if AIDA can report the D5 Next or not. Their Admin (Sebastian) said the following in the thread.

We have changed some small things in the USB protocol. Depending on how this is implemented at Aida, they have to maintain it.
Actually, it should be designed in such a tolerant manner that no errors occur.
You'll have to live with it until an Aida update comes out.

and later

If everything works in the aquasuite - neither the firmware of the devices nor the aquasuite has a problem. So you need to contact Aida. This is NOT our construction site. We have NOTHING to do with Aida.

I don't know why they have this attitude. Being able to monitor their devices with popular programs like AIDA, HWINFO, and SIV can only enhance their products and make more people want to buy them. Considering they are almost always out of stock everywhere, I guess this is not a concern for them.

Of note is that the author of SIV (red-ray) has already figured out what Aquacomputer changed in X.57 and the D5 Next firmware update to rev1024. SIV is able to report the D5 Next post AQS version X.57 and he stated that it takes 0.369-seconds to do so. I have an Octo and 2 Farbwerk360's which SIV reports data from just fine. I do not have a D5 Next (yet) so I can't see this sluggish behavior your are describing. Red-ray posted (above) detailed information on the changes he found, and dump files. From the above posts it seems that the AIDA devs updated their code based on the AIDA Sensor Debug -> Aquacomputer dump files that you provided for X.53 and X.57 but ignored what red-ray posted. He compared the AIDA Sensor Debug dumps to the SIV dumps and said that the AIDA dumps were not complete. Perhaps Fiery should take a hard look at the information red-ray provided.

German Forum - The Aquacomputer forum has an ENGLISH SUBFORUM so you can post your concerns there if you wish. If you want to post in the German section, just type your post and then run it through Google Translate. There are German speakers doing that to post in English and English speakers (like me) posting in hopefully correct German. I get responses so it must be working well enough for the meaning to be conveyed. One note - if you use Google to translate a German post about a Farbwerk LED controller, the English translation of Farbwerk shows up as "inking unit". Other than that it seems to work pretty well. Good luck!

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Appreciate your extensive reply. In fact, I did use Google translate to read that forum, just don't feel comfortable to post "inking unit" and alike text :)

I share your thoughts on AQ attitude. I did have bad experience even talking to their support when my OCTO blew off because of early microcode bug (that is definitely another story).

Could you please tell me what is your update frequency setting in AIDA64 - I'd like to use yours and double check what happens with reading under X.57.

Thank you!

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Was watching this and the other thread on the Aquacomputer Forum as I have had the same problem with Aquasuite/AIDA64/HWInfo slowing to an unusable crawl.  My only way around it was to shut down either the AS Service or AIDA64.  FYI, HWInfo only has an issue when both AS/AIDA are running.  Either can run with it alone with no issue.

Today I restarted my computer and forgot to shut down AIDA64 for a while.  Before I shut it down, I noticed that the problem seems to have gone away.  I have both AIDA64 and the AC Services running, and my sensor panel is updating normally.  I have only made 1 change to my system since this problem started and that was to add an AC Leakshield.  No updates to either piece of software.  The Leakshield did not require an update to its firmware and the Aquasuite software did not update from the X.57 version.  I have been periodically checking both sets of SW for updates and neither have shown an update available.

Is it possible that the issue was Windows related?  That is the only SW on my machine that may have updated that I can imagine would have affected this?

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Edition    Windows 10 Pro
Version    21H2
Installed on    ‎6/‎23/‎2022
OS build    19044.1949
Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0

Processor    12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900KF   3.20 GHz
Installed RAM    32.0 GB (31.8 GB usable) {DDR5 6200}

GPU - RTX 3090 FE 24Gb

Aquasuite - X.57 (Release date 8/8/22) - Running 1 x Hubby7, 1 x Octo and 1 x Leakshield

AIDA64 Extreme - 6.75.6100 (Release date 7/18/22)



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Probably related to the X.57 update of aquasuite,since updating i have noticed that the aquacomputer hardware monitor randomly after startup stops responding,i dont have aida64 installed at the moment but as others have said here they definitely have changed something in version X.57 As the previous version worked perfectly,dont know what has been changed but it must be something,someway our issues could be related i dont honestly know,hopefully they bring out a new version very soon,as this seems to be causing many issues.

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