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Sensor Panel Moves to 0,0 on main display and resizes when desktop configuration resets


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I have (1) 4k, 40 inch display on the left, (2) 22 inch 1080p displays on top of each other to the right, and a small Lebula 7 inch, 1024x600 display below the 22 inch displays with the sensor panel displayed.  See attachment.

When Windows 11 doesn't see a monitor it expects, it re-configures the desktop randomly.  Mostly it seems to be centered around the 4k display not being present when it expects it on startup.  The sensor panel gets placed at 0,0 of the new 1st screen.  When I get the 4k display recognized, the sensor panel does not go back to the 7 inch display, but stays at 0,0 of the now screen 1 (4k panel).  AID64 also has decided to resize the configuration of the sensor panel from 1024x600 as explicitly set in the configuration to some other setting.  Generally bigger, 1280x720 or some other randomly chosen value.  It has also been known to make it smaller, in the 800x600 range, and crams the visual elements into the smaller space.

When this happens, I have to unlock the sensor panel position, move it to the proper display panel, resize it so that it fits properly on the 7 inch display, and finally re-lock the sensor panel position.  Thankfully when I restart the computer and all the screens are recognized properly in whatever order AIDA64 is choosing to make all of the decisions above, the panel stays where I put it and the elements are properly placed.

1) [If possible] AIDA64 should be putting the sensor panel back where it was configured to be when the screen configuration resets to normal

2) [Most importantly] AIDA64 should not be overriding the settings I put in the configuration for the sensor panel for what the sensor panel size is.  If I set it to 1024x600, it should always be 1024x600 regardless of what monitor it is displaying on.  Your software should not be overriding chosen configuration settings like this. 


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