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Feature request: a way to add custom values to the OSD panel


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Hello all, I am new, from France.

I would like a way to add my own values to the OSD panel.

Let me explain in details: I wrote a Windows program which read values from a temperature / moisture sensor connected to an Arduino: it's a hardware that allow to connect sensors, buttons, whatever, and programmable by USB, using Serial for bi directional communication. But it currently do nothing with these values, they are just there in my program, I would like to display them in the OSD panel, while my program run in background.

Is it possible that you create a sort of external DLL that I can include and use in my program, which allow me to hook into the OSD panel so I can add my values to it?

Or, do you have a better idea to achieve this?

Thanks in advance, and merry christmas :)

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An external DLL would be something we'd prefer to avoid if possible. We may be able to add the requested feature in a way that would require your software to write and update a string Registry value under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64 path. AIDA64 then would pick up the value from the Registry, and place it on the OSD Panel (or SensorPanel, Desktop Gadget, log file, etc) Would it be suitable for you?



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