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OSD autohide slide-in/slide-out left or right support for desktop request!


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first off im really lovin aida64, thou it would be really important to me if you could add support for autohide the OSD for the desktop

like you mousebump to the left or the right of your screen , depending on where you locate the OSD to your desktop too and it autohides with a slide-in/slide-out animation much like what you get with nexus ultimate, so no unneeded desktop clutter and when you need it you just mousebump and it slides into view

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I'm sorry, but currently we have no plans to add such a feature to the AIDA64 OSD Panel. We rather focus on the more advanced SensorPanel, although we wouldn't add slide-in/slide-out to that module either. However, in case more user requests arrive on the same feature, then we may add it to our development roadmap.



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