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Aida64 2.70 EE - sensor monitoring & run command or show warning


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I've been wondering for quite a while of using a hardware monitoring software like AIDA64 to allow running commands or showing warnings. Is it possible in this software?

I have a license for aida64 2.70 Extreme Edition and when I go to Computer - Sensors page I can see all the hardware monitoring info I want, but I am missing a few things, like recorded (since software start) MIN, AVG & MAX values (e.g. HWmonitor displays those) and specifically an option to configure a specific behavior related to sensor tresholds (e.g. CPU fan rpm or CPU temp) to either display a warning or allowing to run a system command (this I'd like most).

My setup is a performance system running 24/7 with water cooling and for a long time I wanted to implement a sort of of a fail-safe (red below) into it to prevent overheat when I am asleep or not around.

My water pump tacho is connected to motherboard CPU_OPT fan header so I can see its rpm output in BIOS or Windows. What I want to achieve is to configure some monitoing software to run a specific command (e.g. shutdown system) when this sensor value drops below certain level for long enough.

e.g. water pump RPM (reported in CPU FAN sensor) drop below 600rpm, aida64 monitoring detects it and runs a configured command (e.g. "shutdown -s -t 01") to prevent system over heat when pump is not working.

same would go for fan speed monitoring and issuing a warning about specific fan going out, or temperature of specific sensor reaching too high levels, etc.

is it possible to achieve something like that with latest AIDA64?


P.S. sorry if this question was asked before, but I couldn't find anything like that regarding my favorite AIDA64 on google.


Never mind me asking!!! wow, I have just discovered the whole Alerting section under Hardware Monitoring in aida64 preferences :D

I think that will do! :D

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As you discovered, the Alerting facility is there already ;) Also, the min/max/average values can be checked using the Statistics tab of AIDA64 System Stability Test (AIDA64 / main menu / Tools / System Stability Test) -- or using the Logging facility of AIDA64 that you can activate in main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / Logging.



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