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Smart Data on Sandisk SSD

Paul B

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I have a 480G Sandisk SSD running as my primary drive through the marvell port on my EVGA X58 board. The Sandisk utility shows the smart data for the drive, but it does not show up in AIDA. My other two drives on the intel ICH10R do show up in the smart data. Is there a setting I have missed?

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1) Do you have both RAID options enabled in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability?

2) Have you tried it with the latest AIDA64 beta release? (v2.70.2267)

3) Do you use Win7 64-bit SP1?

4) What driver do you have installed for the Marvell controller? (version+build)



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1. Do not have the raid options enabled. I am not running raid on any drive - All AHCI

2. Running 2244 as the later changes did not affect my board or hardware.

3. Yes.

4. Was running Marvell WHQL which is the latest and has the best performance. AIDA could not report SMART data with this driver or drive temperature even though it could see the drive and even report the firmware version. After the original question rolled back to Marvell WHQL and now AIDA reports all the SMART DATA but his driver is pretty old.

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Thanks Fiery. When I enabled the raid options AIDA does give me the SMART data and temps for all the newer Marvell drivers (newer than I did notice, however, that windows explorer will sometimes crash with the two options enabled when I view the newer driver in the device manager- do not know why.

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