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Testing PC To Discover Error


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Completely new to this app. If My understand is correct Aida64 can test my pc complete hardware. My son is having issues with several games on Steam, and I want to pin point what is thew issue, hardware or software.


I am hoping Aida64 will help me on the hardware side.


Can some guru in this forum tell me what I need to do to accomplish what I would like to do?


Thank you in advance for your help.



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What kind of issue, LAG??


You can use some benchmark's ;)
or system stability test, stressing all except local disks B) do this for few hours and wait for Blue Screen, Restart or some kind of weird happening. if nothing happened, then your PC might be in good condition… :D

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Hello Garfunkel,


Thank you for your reply. No, issue is not lag. The issue is with 6 games he has purchased and plays in Steam. When he starts up the game, it only goes so  far, and then freezes his pc.


I have tried a memtest and a video card test, ones suggested to me by the pc maker, and both mem and video card pass with flying colors.


My son has chatted with other users, and done a bit of Googling, and has read that the motherboard could be at fault too.


So I am hoping that with Aida, I can have it test everything to the max, and then give me a report as to what has passed and what has failed. If the pc has no hardware issues, I can then go to Steam and get then to find what is at fault, and if the pc fails then go to pc maker and have then change the parts since it is still under warranty.


So what do I chose in Aida so it can test everything?



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Open AIDA64 / main menu / Tools / System Stability Test.  Enable only the FPU and GPU subtests, and press the Start button.  Let the stress test run for a few hours, and once in a while watch the bottom graph: in case the Throttling graph shows any non-zero activity and turns into red, your processor is overheating.  In case the test ends with an error message, system lockup, BSoD, unexpected system restart or system poweroff, then you have a serious stability issue with your computer.  In that case it's unfortunately not possible to tell which component is behind the issues (none of the stress testing or troubleshooting software is able to tell you that), so you have to go by the usual routine of:


1) Disable all overclocking, return to factory default settings


2) Update system BIOS


3) Update all drivers to their latest WHQL (certified) versions


4) Update Windows to have all service packs and hotfixes applied


5) Change the PSU if none above helps


6) Change the RAM if none above helps


7) Change the motherboard if none above helps


I know it's not exactly an accurate answer, but computer instability is much like serious health issues of the human body: in many cases it's impossible to exactly tell what's wrong, so you have to do more tests and apply some changes to find the root of the issues.

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