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Feature Request: Switch Sensor Panels in Tray Icon


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I noticed the excellent idea below for allowing multiple sensor panels.

Along with that I'd really appreciate the ability to switch between different sensor panels by accessing the right-click menu of the AIDA64 tray icon. That would be a lot more convenient and faster than bringing up the SensorPanel Manger every time as I do now.

And when the mutiple panels are allowed it would be a great way to activate/deactivate each panel separately.

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We have a lot of things on our long-term roadmap, including the idea of having multiple SensorPanels in AIDA64.  I cannot provide a definitive schedule though, since we tend to prioritize such plans based on a rate of requests coming from our users.  If a lot of guys start to demand a specific feature, we put them higher on our list of things to do.

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