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Please Help with Monitor/Panel Size


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Hey all, new to this and have a question.  I am trying to work on a vertical 480x1920 panel but its too large to see the full panel on my regular monitor (3440x1440).  Is there some workaround to be able to see the whole panel on my main monitor to edit it and not not have to resort to working on it while it is on the panel itself?  I can't drag the panel up past the top of the main monitor to see the bottom as it just gets brough back down.  Sorry if this is a dumb question but any advice would be appreciated.  



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Perhaps I don’t really understand the essence of the problem, but I can guess, since I have three monitors with different resolutions, but no one has canceled the problem of dragging windows, at first, as was said, right-click to uncheck the window lock box, and then everything is just Win + Shift + arrows (left, right, up, down) depending on what position your panel is in relation to the main monitor, it’s so easy and you can always drag windows between monitors, especially if for some reason there is no top part of the window..

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