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Sensor Panel desktop mode?

Mathias Feist

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I don’t really understand your wishes regarding video/animation, this question, but in a more formulated form it is better to convey it to the program developers, however, as far as I can personally judge, the sensors are not made for entertainment, but to indicate the state of your computer and most likely for this reason There’s no need to embed any modules for animations, and don’t forget that the sensors work with time polling, that is, first the program asks the motherboard for parameters, then displays them on your screen, this takes some time..
however, there are several ways to decorate the panel, you can use RSLCD which will make it possible to embed a GIF, you can also install a live wallpaper program, if you set the transparency of the panel, then in combination the screen looks good, but you must understand that all this puts a lot of load on the system, which will negatively affect the FPS in your games, as an example, I already posted my screen, but I myself later abandoned such a complex sensor circuit; my games lost up to 30% of performance.


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What he wants is for Aida64 to stop displaying the sensor panel and run in standby mode when he exits the game and let him run a regular wallpaper. Then when he plays a  game again he wants Aida64 to display the sensor panel again.

I have no idea how to do this or even if it is possible.

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