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-10000W lapses while monitoring powers


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Sorry for waiting.

2406 beta installed. I don't see any "powers" graph in "system stability test", although it presents in main window and in prefences (rebooting don't help). 2400 beta works fine.


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2412 beta installed. Same problem.

May it be an unique hardware bug?

I see lapses in graph tab. But now statistics tab shows "it's always all right", which is not normal, IMHO.



Additional 1. Once I encountered an bug: An instance of AIDA was fit to one computer[1] (monitoring boundaries and so on). When it started on another computer[2] I saw "ghosts" of previously monitoring elements like "IA package", which exists in [1], but not in [2] due to h/w differences.

And these "ghosts" all had default values of "-10000". So I think it is partially AIDA's software problem: wrong setting of initial values.

UPD  Surprisingly it's easy to reproduce: look at Kentsfield core with built-in video)))  


But In this topic's case we have an ACTUAL value -10k DURING monitoring (not initial value!). Also I think actually it was "minus infinite", but AIDA cut it to fit "appropriate" boundaries.

Additional 2. Your "new strategy" setting initial power values to 0 is wrong. Now "minimum statistic's powers" is useless, because of always zero((.

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2419 beta tested.

Power monitoring lapses still occurs (I presume it as h/w bug, although sometimes it coincides with the end of nod32 scanning procedure) but now not shown in statistics, all minimum powers values are appropriate. Let's suppose it as right behavior.




Also while running the same aida's instance on different computers, no -10k initial monitoring ghosts anymore. Great work.

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