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Texture memory usage?


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OK. So a few days ago, I downloaded a trial version of AIDA64 extreme edition, and under one of the tabs, (I think it was DirectX video), there was a line displaying the total amount of texture memory vs amount of texture memory used (I think it was 1400 MB since I have an NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE integrated video card, with 128 MB dedicated memory and 1336 MB shared memory). However, upon reinstallation today, I did not find that line anymore (there is only "Total / Free Video Memory" line, although I remember there formally being both the Total/Free Video Memory, AND the total/used texture memory line. I've tried downloading all the other beta and old versions of AIDA64, and even Everest Ultimate (the old version before AIDA64), and the line simply isnt there? Did my DirectX change somehow (although I don't see why) or where did the texture memory usage line go?

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I don't think you saw texture memory usage. Maybe it was local video memory and non-local video memory usage? Those values are listed on the DirectX / DirectX Video page. However, those cannot be detected under Windows Vista and Windows 7 anymore, due to architectural changes about how Windows handles video memory.

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