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Lost gauges & other issues - 2.85.2430 Beta

Xyzzy Frobozz

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I have been having quite a number of issues with AIDA64 of late, but this one has finally prompted me to seek a resolution. Since downloading the latest beta this morning, I have lost all of my LCD gauges which were displayed on my G19 keyboard. My system specs are as follows:


Asus ROG Rampage 4 Extreme

Intel i7 3820

16GB Corsair Dominator GT 2133Mhz 

2 x GeForce GTX 680

2 x Corsair Force GS 256 RAID 0

1 x Corsair Force GT 128

Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Logitech G19 Keyboard


I had a previous system with the same keyboard and I did have occasional issues with the LCD not initialising in AIDA, but no problems to the current extent.


Apart from this, since building this system around 8 months ago, I have also had a number of problems with AIDA locking up. I have unchecked the box for AIDA to start on Windows startup, but it still starts with the system. This is rather an odd problem, as it intermittently will not start, before resuming it's behaviour of starting with the system contrary to the box being un-ticked.


I have also some system stability issues with various programs and processes locking up which seem to be resolved when shutting AIDA down. These problems have been ongoing over a number of different AIDA versions.


For some reason, I believe that it is the motherboard and AIDA's interactions with it, but that's just a guess...



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1) Are you sure you've properly performed the upgrade to Beta 2430?  Please check the file size of AIDA_CPUID.DLL, it should be 3123528 bytes (2.98 MBytes) long.  If it's correct, then please post your AIDA64.INI file so we can check it out with both the previous AIDA64 beta release and the current one.


2) Even if you disable the auto-start feature in AIDA64, the Logitech LCD Manager may still auto-start AIDA64 ;)  Make sure to disable that feature in LCD Manager.


3) Stability issues on Asus ROG boards are usually caused by collisions between AI Suite II and AIDA64.  We've asked Asus numerous times to implement the same industry standard synchronization techniques that would assure AI Suite II could work well with other monitoring software, but they refuse to cooperate with other software developers.  BTW, AI Suite II collides with not just AIDA64, but other monitoring and tweaking software as well, like CPU-Z, HWiNFO32/64, HWMonitor, SpeedFan, etc.





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Thanks for your usual promptness of response Fiery.


You were right, Logitech LCD manager had AIDA on auto-start, even though I had switched it off in the past. Thanks for the prompt on that.


With regards to AI Suite, I uninstalled that some time ago for the very reasons that you mention. However, is it possible that there are still some residual processes being run?


Checked AIDA_CPUID.DLL and it is only 2,139kb. I have simply been allowing AIDA to auto update. What should I do from here?


Thanks in advance for your help once again Fiery.

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1) Yes, there may be some background services left after AI Suite II uninstallation.  You can find more info about AI Suite issues in the following forum topic:



You can find info on how to remove the AI Suite services at:



2) In case AIDA_CPUID.DLL wasn't replaced with the new version during the automatic upgrade process, then please try to manually upgrade to the latest AIDA64 beta by downloading the ZIP package from:



Close AIDA64, extract the ZIP package to the existing installation folder.  Let it overwrite any existing files.  Both your current configuration settings and your license will be retained.

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G'day Fiery,


Thanks for your help, it all seems to be fixed.




I now have a new problem!




AIDA seems to object to any external drives drives being disconnected. The culprit appears to be a generic flash drive, as re-inserting the drive allows me to continue through the problem. There may also be an issue with a 1Tb extrenal Western Digital drive, but I will confirm and get back to you.


Thanks again for your help. Sorry to be a pest! 


EDIT:- Confirmed that disconnecting external HDD also triggers the problem. Please note that external drive was NOT connected at start-up.

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Thank you for the feedback.


We've been trying to reproduce the No Disk issue in the past weeks on many different configurations, now with flash drives and external HDDs as well, but with no luck.  We're starting to wonder whether it may be a software or driver issue rather than a hardware issue.  Maybe you have a software installed that causes Windows to pop that message up?


BTW, do you dismount the drive first and only after then you disconnect it physically from the computer?  Or you just unplug the USB cable and that's it?  Is it a USB2 or USB3 drive?  Does it have NTFS or FAT partition(s)?

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  • 3 weeks later...

G'day Fiery,


Sorry about the late reply, I have been away for a couple of weeks.


To answer your questions:


 - I have not been dismounting the drive, simply disconnecting it prior to start-up. I will dismount and report any findings.

 - USB2 Drive connected to a USB2 port.

 - NTFS partitioning.


I hope that this helps. It seems to have resolved itself recently, so it's possible that the fix mentioned in another thread may have solved the issue.



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