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fps drop with a high pc speces


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my m.b :msi ms-7758 , rams :8 gb kingston hyberx 1600 ghz ,core i7 3770k cpu 3.50,vga: amd redeon hd 7900 series hd 7950 3 gb 384


as u see my pc has so good specifications but i get fps drops in game of call of duty 4 every time i play i unlocked fps to 250 


and its stays steady, but after several minutes i got fps like 200 then 40 then it come back to 250 do u think i got something wrong with my pc ?


cause i got lot of friend that have lower speces than mine and they got 250 fps without any drops so what do u think that cuz of?


i checked all temp all were good vga cpu m.b temp all good


i think there's no compatibility between my motherboard and my cpu maybe between my vga ? what do u think about that i need fast answer please i only got this pc 1 week ago and i'm waiting for answer thanks you.


also i have power supply with 750 w coolermaster bronze

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Such issue may be due to CPU overheating or video card overheating, or due to video driver (Catalyst) issues:




You can check if your CPU is overheating under heavy load if you launch AIDA64, go to main menu / Tools / System Stability Test, enable only the FPU subtest, press the Start button.  Watch the bottom graph: even after half an hour of heavy stressing, the CPU Throttling graph should still stay at 0% (means no throttling activity, means no CPU overheating).



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As I wrote above, you should run the stability test for at least half an hour.  If your system can stand it for half an hour without overheating, than your CPU is fine.  After the first test you may also want to enable the GPU subtest to check whether your video card is overheating under heavy load.  If any visual artifacts appear on the screen while running the FPU+GPU stress test, or your video driver resets or reports an error, or the computer turns off / restarts, then there's a hardware issue.  Otherwise, I'd say it must be some sort of software or configuration problem.

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