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AIDA64 Beta Version - Sensor icons are either missing, or jumbled!


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Hello, @Fiery!


I am having issues with the latest beta release (Version 2.85.2454).  Apparently, after this installation many of my sensor icons are either missing, or totally screwed up (i. e., the original, "meaningfu" icons are replaced by unrelated, "meaningless" icons, or altogether missing).  Is this an issue with this particular beta release?  (FYI, I am using a paid version.)  How do I go back to "stable" version, other than uninstalling this beta version and reinstalling the software.  If this uninstalling the beta version (and reinstalling the stable version) is the only route that I could use, then is there any way that I can save all the preferences that I have on the information-display?  (It took me a long time to modify the fonts, etc.) Thanks in advance!


Edit: I have attached some ofthe pictures for convenience.





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First, try to do the following:


1) Close AIDA64


2) Go to AIDA64 installation folder, and delete the following files:







3) Manually download the latest beta ZIP package from:



Extract the ZIP into the AIDA64 installation folder.  Let it overwrite any existing files.


4) Restart Windows, and start AIDA64




If the above steps do not resolve the icons issue, then do the following to revert back to AIDA64 v2.85 stable:


1) Close AIDA64

2) Manually download the v2.85 stable ZIP package from:


Extract the ZIP into the AIDA64 installation folder.  Let it overwrite any existing files.

3) Restart Windows, and start AIDA64


Please note that by extracting the ZIP package and overwriting existing files will keep your Preferences settings.  If you want to specifically backup AIDA64 settings, just backup the AIDA64.INI file from the AIDA64 installation folder.



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The first suggestion did not work - i. e., no change - all the icons were still mismatched and/or missing; so, I am going to try the second approach, with a slight modification.  Basically, I will unistall the AIDA 64 application, and reinstall a fresh copy of the stable version.  I will post the results.  Thanks, again!

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Sorry for the delayed reply.  Let me asnwer your question, first: This computer has Windows 2003 SBS.  (Old, huh?!  :rolleyes:)  Oh, well, this thing still works, and I am planning to upgrade it to Windows 7 Pro, soon.  (I cannot upgrade it Windows 8 for obvious reasons.)


An update: I had to completely uninstall the AIDA64 program, and reinstall the stable version.  Thanks to you, I backed up the aida64.ini file.  I then installed the latest "stable" version of AIDA64.  (Right after installation, there was no aida64.ini file in the installation folder; so, I suppose that one is created only after moification of the configuration settings.)  Subsequently, I just copied the original aida64.ini file onto the AIDA64 installation directory.  Then, presto, everything was back (except for a few of the "Favorite" settings, but those were easy compared to modifying each and every one of the parameter.


Fiery, thanks for all the help; and, I must say that you are probably the best exemplar of what a technical-service guy is supposed to tbe.  I just wish that every company had someone like you.

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Thank you, I'm glad you've managed to work it out.  We've tested AIDA64 latest beta with Windows Server 2003 SBS, and could not replicate the issue here.  So it must have been a temporary mixup in AIDA64 on your system  :)

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