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rt click does not change the pointer, does not allow importing of anything.  think I am missing one link or something.  saw a post of what is needed but can not find it now. is the maker of this program still around?

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30 minutes ago, Loyd said:

so it is not a easy load of other panels i will give  that a go thanks for all you help

It is! Just click on import, change the file requester to select 'all files' and you can load in any sensorpanel file.  All the files are identical. The only difference is custom gadgets will not work but animated gifs will. 

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I got it to work and have two panels loaded a 1024x600 and 1600x1200.  Have yet to see what kind of resources 9memory and such) they take but it is pretty neat.  also found out you load more than one copy of rslcd but as i only have two screens so I could not get it to load on the monitor but I do have anther screen I will have to try to have a third just because.  fun and games thanks again for your help

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