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Question with new benchmark

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Seems some Haswell retail getting 0 / 0 / 0 for Read / Write / Copy.........




Did FMA+AVX1 optimized is working only with Haswell or with all CPU with AVX/FMA (Ivy, Bulldozer, Vishera)?



Btw,my Ivy result.......







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We'll check what's going on about Haswell.  On our Haswell system, and on many others where our partners "test-drove" AIDA64 v3.00, it works flawlessly.


AVX1 and FMA4 optimizations are of course utilized for AMD Trinity, Richland, Vishera and Kabini/Temash/Kyoto.

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The new block-random latency benchmarks take 10 seconds for each cache levels + memory, so on a L3 cache capable CPU the cache & memory latency benchmarks alone would run for at least 40 seconds.  The bandwidth benchmarks usually run a bit quicker than 10 seconds, so roughly a minute for all benchmarks to complete sounds about right.  On our Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge + Dual Channel DDR3-1600 system it takes almost exactly 1 minute to run all tests.

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