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Win 11 build 22631.3155 blue screen while closing Aida64 6.32.5600


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1 hour ago, rick11 said:

today I got 2 bluescreens with Win 11 build 22631.3155 exactly in the moment when I was closing Aida64 v.6.32.5600.
I attached the two minidumps related to the crashes.

Caused by Driver: ntoskrnl.exe
Caused by Adress: ntoskrnl.exe+416c30

Please check it with the latest AIDA64 (v7.00) too.

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On 2/19/2024 at 8:33 AM, rick11 said:

Good morning Fiery,
do I need a liscense upgrade from AIDA v.6.32.5600 to v.7.00?

It depends on how long your support & maintenance period permits you to upgrade to a new version.  You can however download AIDA64 v7.00 portable edition to a separate folder (while retaining your existing AIDA64 v6.32 installation) to just try if it acts better than the older version.

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The license expires 12.19.2025, so I shoul be fine.
Since Sunday no further crashes. I will try v7.00 after next time I see a blue screen closing AIDA64.
Otherwise excellent work, I enjoy every day 👍 Thank you!

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