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LogViewer for AIDA64 is available !


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Hi sanryana,

I know, but there is too less "traffic" in this forum (13 downloads). In other forums are thousands of downloads ...
So please google to find the latest version for download somewhere, tip: today was version 6.2 released!

BTW: AIDA64 is still full supported !


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On 11/10/2019 at 1:15 PM, TomWoB said:

New version 5.2 available !

Hi all, I built a version 5.2 with the following new feature:

  • ability to save the current setup
  • ability to load a previous saved setup


After loading a logfile, the two new buttons are shown. They allow to save/load your parameters of the GenericLogViewer like:

  • number of diagrams
  • diagram types
  • selected categories
  • ...

Only logfile specific parameters are not saved, like filenames, time windows (makes no sense).

depending on the "complexity" of the setup (6x2 diagrams, each with 3 categories, ...) it can take "some seconds" until setup is activated ... stay cool B)

Download-Link: see first post of this thread !


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