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Sensor Scan Freeze - Can I enable logging without sensor scan? (Asus Z10PE-D16 WS)


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I have an Asus Z10PED16WS MoBo.  Any time I do anything that triggers a sensor scan in AIDA64 my machine locks up.  I have the same issue in HWINFO64, so I don't think its an AIDA bug.

I want to enable logging so I can see exactly what is happening before the Machine Locks up, but when I select the logging tab in preferences, it initiates the sensor scan locking up the machine before I can enable  anything.

Is there any way I can enable logging without initiating the sensor scan so I can see whats happening?

Thank You - 

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Please navigate to the installation folder of AIDA64, and create the following 2 new files there:


They can be simply 0 byte long (empty) files.  Then start AIDA64, go the Computer / Sensor page, wait for your computer to lock up,  restart it, and check the 2 files that you've previously created.  If they have a content, please attach the files to a forum post, so we can check where the lockup occurs inside the AIDA64 sensor module. After finding the culprit, we can work on fixing the issue or implementing a workaround.



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