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Internet Activity Monitor


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I am looking for a utility that keeps track of my internet activity. To date i have found nothing that functions on Win8, There are probably options for system admins running multiple devices, but that is more than i need/want.


Since AIDA64 already reads Total Download and Total Upload for a session, is it feasible to have AIDA64 log the session values for up/downloaded data when it closes, and then read the data on start up? With a user defined term function, day, week, month, year, it would be possible to display usage for the desired term.

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In case anyone else desires an Internet Activity Monitor, the gadget, "Network Meter" is excellent.


http://addgadgets.com/network_meter/ does it all, including total usage for a user defined period (day, week, month, year) and MUCH more.


If you have Win 8 installed, the utility http://8gadgetpack.net/  (free) allows one to run gadgets on Win 8,

N.B., it does not work on Win 8.1 yet, but that is under development.


This should tide one over until the brilliant lads here get a chance to develop additional features into the best monitoring program out there.

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I would like to mention an application that I found a year or so ago, and I have found it to be invaluable.  I have used it on XP though Windows 8, and currently use it on ALL of my computers.


The program is called NetWorx, a bandwidth monitor.  In all of my testing, it works in harmony with all of my applications, is add free, malware free, spyware free, and heck, its just FREE.  I recommend that you check it out and I am sure it will serve you well.


I started using it when my ISP began to throttle usage on a monthly basis, and I needed to monitor my usage.  This NetWorx does the job, and does it damn well. It is extremely configurable, and you can break down usage on any or all NICs, combined or separate, your router and all traffic combined, or each node separately. You can get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual usage, as well as live stats with graphs. Basically what ever you want.  And it just sits quietly doings it job.

(No, I am not affiliated with SoftPerfect, I just am very impressed with the program. It has filled a need that I had, and does it well).


I have also used the gadget mentioned in the above post, and it works well, but NetWorx works much better for my needs.






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It would be really handy if AIDA64 could allow a overall NIC download and upload info for the LCD output like a G19s, instead of currently there is NIC1 NIC2 etc. This becomes an issue with VPN's that create a virtual network adaptor, which for me is NIC2. I would prefer to get overall numbers for NIC's. 

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