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More items in Custom Component section in Preferences

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Could you add more cooler/fan items in Custom Components section, please? Now you have two for CPUs and four for System coolers. I would like to see components for HDD fans and case fans. And could you change the word "cooler" to "fan" which might be more applicable here. I also would like to have possibility to add new fields, e.g. for Fan Controllers, IO Headers etc.



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The label System Cooler indicates any sort of coolers that aren't for CPU cooling.  We use the term cooler to make sure it could be used for both cooling fans and water cooling solutions as well.


What we can do is add 2 more System Cooler fields, and also a bunch of Misc Devices fields to make sure you can enter more devices in there.  We'll do that in the next AIDA64 beta release due in a few days ;)





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