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Asus PQ321Q - Wrong display resolution monitored


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AIDA64 reports the current desktop resolution setting, which may or may not match the native resolution of the display.  You can adjust the desktop resolution by right-clicking on the Windows desktop --> Screen Resolution.




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Monitor Properties 
Monitor Name PnP-Monitor (Standard) [NoDB]
Monitor ID ACI32A2
Model PQ321
Manufacture Date 1990
Serial Number None
Max. Visible Display Size 70 cm x 39 cm (31.5")
Picture Aspect Ratio 16:9
Horizontal Frequency 24 - 140 kHz
Vertical Frequency 20 - 77 Hz
Maximum Pixel Clock 300 MHz
Gamma 2.20
DPMS Mode Support Active-Off




Desktop Properties 
Device Technology Raster Display
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Color Depth 32-bit
Color Planes 1
Font Resolution 96 dpi
Pixel Width / Height 18 / 18
Pixel Diagonal 26
Vertical Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Desktop Wallpaper 
Desktop Effects 
Combo-Box Animation Enabled
Drop Shadow Effect Enabled
Flat Menu Effect Enabled
Font Smoothing Enabled
ClearType Enabled
Full Window Dragging Enabled
Gradient Window Title Bars Enabled
Hide Menu Access Keys Enabled
Hot Tracking Effect Enabled
Icon Title Wrapping Enabled
List-Box Smooth Scrolling Enabled
Menu Animation Enabled
Menu Fade Effect Enabled
Minimize/Restore Animation Enabled
Mouse Cursor Shadow Enabled
Selection Fade Effect Enabled
ShowSounds Accessibility Feature Disabled
ToolTip Animation Enabled
ToolTip Fade Effect Enabled
Windows Aero Enabled
Windows Plus! Extension Disabled
Problems & Suggestions 
Problem At least 85 Hz vertical refresh rate is recommended for classic (CRT) displays.




Device ID            Primary               Upper Left Corner      Bottom Right Corner
\\.\DISPLAY1      Yes                       (0,0)                          (1920,1080)



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We've implemented a workaround for the mentioned issue.  Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:




After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.





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In Windows 8.1 DPI scaling has been revamped one more time (after revamping it in Vista, and then again in Win8).  It seems the new interface doesn't provide meaningful values, or at least we haven't yet figured out which API call to use to detect the native resolution of the display.  We'll do our best, but we eventually may be forced to simply drop the idea of detecting native resolution, and simply use the logical resolution setting Windows provides via standard API calls.  You can always check the native resolution of your monitors on the Display / Monitor page ;)

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Since the upgrade to Windows 8.1, the problem is back. AIDA64 now shows the wrong resolution again (dpi scaling 175%, resolution in AIDA64: 2194 x 1234).

We've just rolled out the first AIDA64 beta with proper handling of DPI scaling, as well as fix for the screen resolution detection issue:


A few icons are left to be updated, and we also have to fix a few issues in the Monitor Diagnostics module. Let me know how it works on your system ;)

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