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sony vaio problem

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hi. sometimes my Sony vaio vgn fw 590 fzb when i log into windows will stop working and i can do nothing but pressing the power button to shut it down.the temperature which AIDA tests showed was 55 or 56 in average (minimum 43 and maximum 66). is this temperature normal? and what may cause the hanging and stopping? (no restart or error, just everything stops and even mouse pointer will not move). i checked the CPU usage exactly when the crash occurred and it was sometimes 5 or 10 or 20 percent.

P.S. my original windows was unable to recover to factory settings and i had to install another windows 7 (the same version as the original one that is home premium) and this situation were occurred after the new windows was installed. the last one could not load! the current windows appropriately works and the only problem i have is what related.

please help me (if possible, send the answer to my email: ary_vampire@yahoo.com)

thanks a lot

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Up to 80 Celsius is normal for notebook CPU temperature, so your temperatures of 43 to 66 Celsius is absolutely fine.  Based on the description of the issue, I'd say it could be either a RAM failure or motherboard failure.





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