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some bugs on Intel SE7501BR2 mobo


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1. CPU socket not shown - actually Socket604.

2. Integrated video not shown - actually ati rage xl.

3. cpu voltage - dmi says 1.5v


4. sensors panel - no sensors at all (may be all thru IPMI sensors?)

5. IPMI System Event Log: can't sort events by date-time (given by dd.mm.yyyy hh.mm.ss). Sorts as strings 01.01.xxxx - 31.12.xxxx.

6. IPMI system event log reloads every time on entering/leaving tab. It will be better to read events once.

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1) & 2) On which page of AIDA64 do you miss those information?


3) On your system it's not possible to measure Vcore via direct CPU VID detection or via a classic sensor chip register readout.  As for DMI, please check Q#10 at:




4) It's because there's no classic sensor chip in your system.  IPMI Sensor is not supported by the AIDA64 hardware monitoring module.


5) Thank you, we'll fix that.


6) Changing between IPMI subdevices causes that.  It comes from the logic how AIDA64 hardware detection engine works, but we'll check if it's possible to improve on it.




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1) oops, sorry.


2) video missing on CPUID window, exists on display-windows video  page. (Or cpuid int.video refers to build-in-cpu video only?)


5) additional picture example:87bd7b5048fc.png

6) Hope to. In case of many events aida occupies one core for 2-3 minutes on every refreshing.

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