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CPU Fan Speeds not monitored (ASRock 990FX Extreme9)


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   I'm new to the forum and just purchased AIDA64. I have a slight problem though.


 AIDA64 64 does not monitor the cpu fans correctly. I am using the Asrock 990fx Extreme 9 motherboard. I have two CPU fan headers (CPU fan1 and 2) and I believe these are linked. In order for AIDA64 to read the CPU fans, I must first start Asrock's extreme utility for monitoring. I may then close the Asrock utility and AIDA64 will then read CPU fans. I have AIDA64 set to start with windows. I checked it without starting with windows and it does the same thing.




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CPU Fan1 and CPU Fan2 are muxed together on many ASRock motherboards, using such a mux solution that cannot be handled by AIDA64 properly.  In default AIDA64 should be able to measure CPU Fan2, so you may want to move the fan to that fan header to make it better work with AIDA64.





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Hi, thanks for the reply


   I have fans connected to both fan headers (actually all of the headers on this board have fans lol). So I guess there is know way to get aida to read fan 2 with out giving it a kickstart with asrock's extreme tuner utility.



Thanks again


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