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LCD - Line graph vs Area Graph


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Wonder if I am missing something.   I cant see any difference between the line graph and the area graph in the LCD configuration?  


Is there any way to have a filled area graph so the area below the line is filled with the same colour (or different colour from the the line)?


In the small preview window an area graph does have a grey fill but on a monochrome (old Logitech G15) this isnt visile?


Also is there any help / description of what the graph step does?


Many Thanks in advance

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One more issue the keys on a logitech G15 keyboard (4 profile keys above the media buttons) appear to allow me change LCD pages,  I can change between LCD pages 2,3 and 4 but dont appear to be able to get back to LCD page 1?  on version 3.2.2600


Ignore this, the switch appears to be dying, if i press hard enough it does switch back to page 1

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1) The area graph issue is a bug related to monochrome LCDs.  It will be fixed in the next AIDA64 beta release due next week.


2) For line graphs and area graphs the graph step is the pixel distance between two graph measurement points on the X axis.  Try to raise it to see what does it make to the graph design.  For histograms step is the pixel distance between histogram bars.


3) I'm sorry, but it's not possible to format the network download/upload rates value :(

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