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Problem with Crossfire X


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Hi there,

first of all sorry for my bad english but i'm fron germany, and i still don't use english every day. a

Ok back to topic, here is my problem. I use Aida64 1.50. If i use my new crossfire x- system build from a HD5870 LCS by Powercolor and an HD5870 Eyefinity 6 from gigabyte, everything works fine, except but Aida64 nor everst. If i monitor GPU speeds with one of them i get in everycase 850mhz shown in idle on the second card. when i start the menue from 3d mark, the second card goes back on 157mhz like the first one. if i close down 3d mark, the problem is the same.

when i monitor the same things with gpu-z it shows the right speeds. But i am a very big everst (aida64) fan because i can monitor all on my logitech g19 keyboard. Does anyone know this problem, or can anyone help me with that???

i am sitting on that problem since 3 days and it slowly kills my sleep.

thank you for your help.

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I think it's because your second GPU is put to sleep by the infamous ULPS feature of the Catalyst driver. Once the secondary GPU is put to sleep (deactivated), AIDA64 will keep showing the last clock that was read from the chip. It could either be the idle (2D) clock, or the high (3D) clock. I'm not sure why is there a difference with GPU-Z, maybe it reads clocks using driver calls (ADL), and not direct GPU I/O like AIDA64.

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