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Virus Database OLD (Symantec endpoint Protection)


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There was a topic with same bug discussed but not solved.



I have similar problem.

During symantec endpoint protection 12 installation, the windows defender change its state to disabled, with no virus database updates.


Aida64 by default reports about old virus database of disabled WINDOWS DEFENDER, not Symantec 12 (which have actual databases) - screenshot attached.


Could you pls fix this bug





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What Windows version do you have installed?


BTW, the old topic was about a few occasions when Symantec Endpoint Protection virus database date wasn't properly detected.  So instead of showing Endpoint Protection as being up-to-date, AIDA64 incorrectly reported its virus database as being outdated.  In your case -- unless I misunderstood your post -- Endpoint Protection database date is detected properly, but AIDA64 fires an alarm about outdated virus database because it also checks Windows Defender database date -- which is indeed outdated.  Please let me know if I misunderstood your post ;)




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Thanks Feiry!


I have Windows 8.

You understood everything right, but i thought, that Aida should report the newest antivirus base, not the oldest one. I was wrong.


Btw, I've found solution!


Symantec 12 (SEP) by default disables (without uninstalling) Windows Defender, so Defender database stops updating.


So, to remove reporting about Defender old virus databases from AIDA, "/Program Files/Windows Defender" folder should be renamed to something else, for example "/Program Files/Windows Defender OLD"

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