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SensorPanel background


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I have stopped using an image for my SensorPanel background and am simply specifying a backgrund color on the setup page. I was wondering if an option for a border could be added where one specifies the background color and the panel size.


If possible, a gradient between two colors would be pleasing also. :)


Edit: The gradient suggestion would be for the background, not the border.,, just to remove ambiguity.

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I'm sorry, but we have no plans to offer such added flexibility to the SensorPanel.  We've specifically made it possible to use a background image so that you can draw such image that you're looking for, and apply it to the background.  I believe by offering something in between the 2 existing SensorPanel background configuration options (solid background color, background image) would be redundant.




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Thank you for the reply. I should not have muddied the water with the gradient request, I was actually more interested in a border... but I understand the limitations of a decreasing market and ever present user requests.


By the by, I renewed updates for 3 years on the Black Friday mailing you sent out... thank you for that.

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