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Access Violation error messages, and random system freezing


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Mine is a desktop, and sleep and hibernate are both disabled.


I just did a shutdown and cold boot, and the issue popped up again, followed by AIDA64 crashing entirely ("AIDA64 has encountered a problem...").


I'm running the latest Beta (updated today - 4.20.2815).

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We've done quite a few changes to threading features of AIDA64, so please upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:



After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.


Let me know if it helps.

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No luck. Cold boot this morning:


I think I'll just give up and live with it.


Thank you :(  The strange thing is that the issue seems to be coming up when doing plain & simple string operations while scanning for Windows Devices.  We suspect the issue could be caused by a driver of an installed device in your system that returns a scrambled text that causes the string operations to go south.  If you have a bit more patience about this issue, I can send you a special beta build of AIDA64 that would output a lot more debug information, so we could dig down deeper and hopefully find out which device causes the issues, and which device information string has the improper content that makes the string operations go wrong.


BTW, the actual device that is behind these issues must be a rare one, since we haven't got similar bug reports from other users.  Do you happen to have a very unique, very rare device in your system?  Either a PCI/PCIe card, a USB or eSATA device?

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