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DLNA = Digital Living Network Alliance


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Belarc Network Map #1-system with Win7 Ultimate 64bit w/SP1:


IP                      Device Type                 Device Details                                  Device Roles      Router                          Cisco Linksys                                   DHCP Server, Gateway  Network Storage           External00 (in WORKGROUP),        Western Digital Apache Web Server, Samba Server, Browse Master  Network Storage           External01 (in WORKGROUP),        Western Digital Apache Web Server, Samba Server  Windows Workstation   Chief01 (in WORKGROUP), Asus    IIS Web Server, Samba Server                                       Physical Adddress **:**:**:**:**:**                                       Samsung


The IP item 103 above is actually a Sharp Aquos LC-70UD1U Liquid Screen Television.
The IP item 104 above is actually a Samsung BD-F7500/ZA Blu-Ray Disk Player.


Both of these items are connected to my home network via ethernet cables as depicted in the television's operation manual, section: 'Connecting a Home Network (DLNA) Server". This connection allows the user to connect to the "My Music", "My Pictures", and "My Videos" folders on the computer. In my case the procedure also worked as outlined to connect to External01 in the WORKGROUP which contained folders: "Shared Music", "Shared Pictures", and "Shared Videos".


The television's operation manual did not expand on DLNA so Google and Wikipedia provided an answer.


DLNA = Digital Living Network Alliance (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Living_Network_Alliance).

To help get things setup I searched for and used: "How to Stream Digital Media From Your Windows 7 PC" at http://www.pcworld.com/article/245888/how_to_stream_digital_media_from_your_windows_7_pc.html as a starting point. (Though the article references Windows 7 the procedure also worked for Windows 8.1.)


For Windows 8 specific see: http://topnettricks.com/windows-8-dlna-media-server/


Another article: "How to DLNA of Windows 7" at http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/bd/faq/DLNA.html


There are many other source of information available with Google.


I mention all this because I also used my registered copy of AIDA 64 Extreme Edition 4.00.2736 beta and found no mention of the two DLNA connected items and am wondering if DLNA and any connected items can or should be added to AIDA?


As far as I could tell neither of the DLNA connected items have an option that allows for them to be made a part of the WORKGROUP though both have software included that can be updated by the user either online or via USB flash drive.

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AIDA64 isn't really geared towards making an inventory of special networked devices like TVs, amplifiers or DVD/Blu-ray players.  We may work on that later on, but it's not on our short-term roadmap right now.




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