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Purchase Upgrade issues: "fake" sale and no Discover card support.


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I was going to renew my AIDA64 license; however 2 things stopped me:


  1. I received an email saying I can have an upgrade fo $19.95 (US Dollars) but when I clicked the link it said $27.95. Why so sneaky?
  2. I only used a Discover Card for online purchases. This does not seem to be an option. Will support for Discover be implemented?


Thanks for reading; I hope I can give you money. :)



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1) The email you've got back in December stated that the renewal discount is only valid until December 31, 2013 ;)


2) Our online sales are handled by cleverbridge AG, so I'm afraid you can only pick from their payment options.  Most of our customers prefer PayPal, maybe you've got an account there?



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