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Lag issue caused by AIDA64


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hello,i am tired of finding what was causing the problem.

the problem:

lag in NFS: HP(2010),Guitar Hero: World Tour

lag in WMP 12 any blue ray or hd playback

the solution:

simple just exit aida 64 & the problem just vanishes.

my system config:

Mobo-Gigabyte X58A-UD3R(Rev 1.0)

CPU-Intel Core i7 930@3.8Ghz

CPU Cooler-Thermaltake Frio

RAM-Corsair XMS 6GB DDR3@1448Mhz

GPU-MSI GTX 580 1536MB+Gigabyte GTX 285 1GB as a dedicated physx

PSU-Gigabyte Odin pro 1200 Watt, SLI certified, 4 way SLI certified, 80+

HDD-Intel x25 80GB SSD+1000GB samsung+250GB Samsung

Nvidia driver version: 263.09(Whql) & 266.35(beta)

OS:Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

oh by the way i tried the stability option & in stock speed of cpu test.didn't solve the problem.

i just wonder Everest ultimate edition were far better.

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