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Command Line starts running Instance instead of creating Report


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Hello all,

AIDA64 v1.50.1200 Business Edition.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

I'm sure this is a simple problem but I've created a windows cmd file to run Aida64.exe on a schedule to send a report to a MySQL database. This works fine if Aida64 is not already running.

However if Aida64 is already running the cmd file simply brings the running instance to the foreground and no report is produced.

Presumably I need to tell the Aida64 process to start a new instance rather than use the already running one but I can't find how to do this.

Can anyone help?



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AIDA64 doesn't support multiple instances, due to collisions would occur then between the low-level modules of each instance.

However, in case you already have an AIDA64 instance running, why don't you use the Remore Report feature? :(

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Thanks for your suggestions guys.

Fiery, I've tried running the remote report wizard - it works fine and will insert the results into the database however when I attempt to run from the Command Line . e.g.


SET AIDA_PROG=C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Business Edition\aida64.exe

CALL "%AIDA_PROG%" /RMTREPORT "C:\workspaces\personal\aida64\sensors.rpf" ^

All it does is brings Aida64 to the foreground but there is no database insertion. Do you know what I'm doing wrong with the arguments?



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