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Plugin how to go about it


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Hi all,

I need a AIDA64 plugin for a program called LCDC


I am using Everest Ultimate but its having issues with new hardware namely the mobo voltages


I really will need AIDA64 as I am modding a PC and planning to use the next gen high end chips coming soon instead of socket 2011 now


Everest has been absolutely wonderful and I'm really praying for AIDA64 to be the same or even better


I have tried to use AIDA64 with the Everst plugin in LCDC but it wont work. I am not surprised though..


What do I need to do to obtain a plugin for LCDC using AIDA64 ???



I have contacted the author of LCDC but havent got a reply yet so while I'm waiting I may learn something here





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What you can try is:


1) Start AIDA64 Extreme


2) Go to main menu / File / Preferences, press OK button without altering any settings


3) Close AIDA64


4) Go to AIDA64 installation folder, and open the file called AIDA64.INI


5) Find the following 2 lines in the AIDA64.INI file ...





... and replace them with the following 2 lines:





That will make the shared memory and WMI provider modules of AIDA64 backwards compatible with the same features Everest used to have.  That should help you to make AIDA64 compatible with LCDC.  If not, then I'm afraid you have to contact the authors of LCDC and push them to adjust their software to be compatible with AIDA64.





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Absolutely fan fricken tastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fiery, thank you so very much for the fix = IT WORKS :)


You again have another happy customer


Is there any possibility that future improvements could alter the WMI & sharedmem codes ?


Or is it a case of if it works dont try to fix it or alter it ?

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I'm glad it worked out for you.  What we'll do is gradually add more and more hardware monitor items, so more readings would be available for other applications.  But the underlying WMI and shared memory solution is simple and useful enough to not require constant improvements.

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Well things are going ok at the moment


except firefox is crashing all the time when using the current code


is there anything in the code I can change to somehow disable the network data


everest handles network traffic but aida64 seems to be buggy


maybe adjusting the AIDA64.INI file will help ?

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