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Customer service non-existant?


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One week ago, I followed the directions on your website for lost registration numbers. I received an automated response and ticket number (RTC-939958) ensuring me that "One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible." Apparently, it hasn't been possible for several days? Most companies have an automated/instant response for such things. With FinalWire, I've been waiting in limbo for a week without ever hearing from a single employee. Is this the typical level of customer service that I can expect from FinalWire? And is there any ETA on lost registration numbers?

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I did, and my request was answered, complete with an apology.


Dear Garrett,

Sorry for the late response our support system somehow skipped your ticket.


I appreciate the response and apology, but I do hope FinalWire is working on improving its customer service system for efficiency and accuracy. I am not being malicious when I say that this experience will prompt me to consider other similar software when renewal time comes. I (and others I'm sure) cannot afford to lightly spend money on software (or anything else) in this economy. Delays and difficulties with customer service will eventually cause customers to look elsewhere, regardless of the quality of the product.

- Garrett

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