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Logitech G19 LCD Display doesn't always start.


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When the machine boots, I have AIDA64 automatically start up.  I have configured the LCD display of my G19 keyboard, but sometimes AIDA64 starts but fails to initialise the LCD.


I assume it is because the keyboard is not yet initialised at the time AIDA64 attempts to set it up.


It would be good to add a retry mechanism into the initialisation of the LCD to cater for when the keyboard is not ready when AIDA64 tries to initialise.


The resolution is to close and restart AIDA64.


Machine spec. :


i7 4770K


Windows 8.1 64-bit with all updates applied.


AIDA64 version 4.30.2900


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I have the same problem. Been dealing with it for so long that Im used to restarting aida when i turn on my pc.. lol. 


Ill have to give this a shot. how long will this beta last for? 


It will last until the next beta is out ;)  Or, if you mean how long will it take for this to go stable, then we're planning to release the next AIDA64 stable update late May.

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