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Possible vram bug?


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Don't know how this is possible. But Aida64 tells me "when i'm gaming" that i've used up to 3802 MB dedicated GPU memory and 439 MB dynamic memory.

Only thing is that my card only have 3 GB which would be around 3072 MB?

Running with 4.20.2800 and i noticed this since day onewith my AMD 7970.

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Windows video drivers may use local (on-board video card) memory, or remote (portions of system RAM) memory, depending on what their requirements are.  I suppose in your case the on-board memory has been exhausted, so the game started to allocate system RAM to store textures.  That is normal these days, you don't have to worry about it -- unless of course the game slows down when it exhausts video card memory.




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Hmm i might misunderstand you since English is not my spoken language :)

But dedicated GPU memory is the actually vram on my GPU, and dynamic is borrowed from my RAM modules?


My iGPU is disabled and never been used. I'm just running with my 7970 CF


EDIT: Thing i've mentioned it before, but thanks for a great program. It's a life savier with my  Logitech G15 :)

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Dedicated is supposed to be the on-board video memory, while dynamic should be the remote memory, allocated in the system memory.


In case you've got a CF configuration, then there's a chance Direct3D reflects video memory usage by adding up the two 3GB memory regions.

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Yes, but Direct3D does some very odd things :)  AIDA64 doesn't show a lot of information on Direct3D video adapters, simply because those values do not seem to make any sense.  Microsoft keeps revamping and tweaking Direct3D, but it's still not there yet to reflect the proper hardware capabilities.  It's best to rely on the directly measured/detected values.

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