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fixed: Sensor item bar full when below min temp

Cmdr. ZiN

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I've been trying to reduce the range of the bars when using them on my G19 for better visibility.

However when it drops below min temp the bar goes full instantly, I'd like it to stay on the far left min.


I think some people might like the option for the bar to remain the full length, but could this be a separate option?


GPU2 has a min temp of 30 but the bar is full. I would set the min temp higher but then I'd experience this issue more often.

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My point is I don't care to see temps below 30, I would like the min set to 30 but I would also not like the bar to go to full. This should be a separate option, otherwise what is the point of allowing us to set a min temperature if it also causes the bar to go to 100% if temp actually goes below the min?

For me it's all about scale, to use the bar for the more relevant temps and not mostly the ones I don't care about. I would actually have the min temp higher if I could.

Wouldn't it be simple to implement a check box, "keep bar at 100% if below min temp" or just "keep bar at 100%"?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to see this implemented, I've just been putting up with it until now. Other than this I love everything else about AIDA64, apart from this AIDA64 is perfect.

edit: Or a non linear mode would suffice.

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