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AIDA64 doesn't open


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I have recently download the trail version of AIDA64 Extreme from your download page. After installing when I open, it hangs on "Reading MSR Data" and uses 30% CPU and never starts. I use Windows 8.1 + latest update.

I tried to run in compatibility mode for Windows 8 but nothing.

I have Dell Inspiron N5521.

Also I tried one other app HWMonitor that didn't start too.


Any help would be appreciated.




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One more problem with the beta. Sometimes (not all the time), I get blue screen error DRIVER_VERFIER_DETECTION_VOILATION something like that when I click on "Sensors" in the app.

Do you have any special USB devices connected to your system? Something that is not a printer, not a mouse, not a keyboard, and not a flash drive?

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You can also try disabling the following options on the AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability page, and restart AIDA64:

Apple SMC sensor support

Asus ATKEX sensor support

Dell SMI sensor support

HID UPS sensor support

Koolance TMS-200 sensor support

T-Balancer sensor support

DIMM thermal sensor support

Toshiba TVALZ sensor support

Maybe one of those would help...

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