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LCD Support - CrystalFontz


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What we've just rolled out with AIDA64 v4.60 is only the first wave of new LCD and VFD devices. If you consider interface, protocol, controller and all other variables, there are literally hundreds of different LCD/VFD devices out there. We're already working on a number of new devices (Acer Idea 500, AX206-based firmware-hacked DPF, ct-Mausekino, Cwlinux, Futaba MDM166A, picoLCD, SoundGraph iMon UltraBay LCD, Sure Electronics, Trefon, Yoctopuce, etc) that will be added during the next few weeks, and then a lot more is coming. We're collecting ideas on which displays to support next, so feel free to let us know what display you've got, or what display you want to see being supported by AIDA64.

As for Crystalfontz, they've got a number of different protocols, and we'll support all their USB products soon. I've taken notes on which model you've got, and once it's implemented in AIDA64, I'll post a message into this topic so you can try it out and report back whether it works on your LCD.

BTW, the current AIDA64 LCD/VFD module supports brightness and contrast adjustment on such displays that are capable of those adjusments. It also supports polling keypads attached to a display, so you can rotate between the four LCD pages using the keys. Handling the knob of SoundGraph iMon displays is not supported yet though.

LED signalling is not supported on any displays at this time. Please let me know what would you like to signal via the LEDs.

Also, if possible, please post a USB dump of your CrystalFontz display: right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 v4.60 --> System Debug --> USB Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic.



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