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Stability test & amd turboCore

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Amd a10-6700 cpu

Idle state core freq is 1797MHz

The first spike: stability test@all cores - 2296MHz

Second: stability test@one core (0x00000001 mask) - 2296MHz (why? supposing to be 4GHz)

Third: GPGPU bencmark - 4192MHz



Also, stat page: CPU 146 Watts power output - are you seriuos?



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1) Your CPU uses a Richland core that supports APM (Application Power Management). APM keeps the CPU below its 65 Watts TDP limit by lowering the CPU and/or iGPU clock if necessary. AIDA64 puts a lot of pressure (load) on the CPU and/or the iGPU, so it's no surprise if APM has to scale the clocks back quite a lot to keep the CPU under the 65 Watts limit.

2) 145W: That's what your CPU reports :) In case APM is active, the package power will never exceed 65 Watts, so you can simply ignore that value.



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Thanks for reply.

I've found that cpu frequency always cut to 2GHz if "stress gpu" is selected (with any one of cpu/fpu/cache stress).


And APM really shows bogus power values if turboCore is active :(. (look at above 100W for 1min)


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Under heavy load AMD iGPUs consume quite a lot of power, so unless you unlock APM to let the TDP loose, loading the iGPU will heavily cut back the CPU Turbo clock headroom. Regular 95W and 100W APUs are less affected, since with them there's 35W more headroom for Turbo.

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