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PCH and RAM voltages on ASUS Z97 deluxe


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AIDA64 don't show the PCH or RAM voltages but i'm sure i have seen "PCH voltage" in one of the recent beta update.

I have an ASUS ASUS Z97 deluxe and it should have the sensors for it, because i can read the PCH and RAM voltages in the BIOS.

Is there something i can do do fix it ?

I have the latest beta 4.60.3159.

If you need any other info just ask me.

Thanks for your answer.

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AFAIK your motherboard is unable to measure those voltage rails. Please don't mix voltage setting and voltage measurement. If you set those voltages to a specific value, and your BIOS Setup shows that value mixed with the actually measured voltage values, it may seem like it is actually measuring those values, while it doesn't.



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Sorry for my late reply. :ph34r:


I'm surprised you think the Z97-DELUXE can't monitor them, like i said the PCH and RAM appear in the BIOS like all the other real time monitored voltages, the RAM voltage is also on the right in the memory info like for the Vcore : ;)





And after some research i found out HWiNFO64 can read them along with two other one ( V1 and V5, not sure about what it can be :unsure: ) :



I really hope you could had them to AIDA64 then. :wub:


Thanks in advance. :)

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Thank you for the screen shots. We've checked a few logs and it seems at one point Asus added those voltages, and we weren't aware of that change. The first BIOS releases for Asus Z97 boards did not have those readings :)

Anyway, we'll add the 2 missing voltage readings to the next AIDA64 beta release due in a few days from now.

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