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multiple sensors issue with Dell Dimension 4600i


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Hello Aida64 fans, im currently working on an olddddd (very old) computer and i noticed some things i dont like with aida64. I think it may be fixed. So its a Dell dimension desktop PC with an IDE quantum Fireball 20GB HDD, which Aida64 cant recognize for some reason. Here is the problems i've listed:

  1. HDD is not recognized at all (not in ATA and not in SMART) and IS by Hdtune software
  2. The Pentium4 HT 3Ghz (Prescott) have no temperature sensor avalaible in sensor tab
  3. There is no SuperIO sensor at all in sensor tab, the superIO chip is a SMSC LPC47M172-NR Chip. It may be no tempeature sensor inside this chip based on the datasheet, but im not sure and also im not sure if there is not a voltage sensor?
  4. The monitor is not detected as well, but it may be normal, im not sure about this? (HP L1908W connected in D-SUB with DDC/CI enabled)

Ive enabled all the option into aida64 stability tab, and its version 4.60.3159 beta.

Ive upgraded to last Bios version of the mb on the dell site. 

Ive attached all the needed reports (in one compressed file) that may be help to troubleshoot and go further maybe.


Dell dimension 4600 reports Aida64.zip

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2) Pentium 4 processors do not feature an on-die temperature diode.

3) AFAIK your SIO doesn't feature a temperature or voltage measurement logic.

4) Please copy-paste the full content of the Display / Monitor page of AIDA64 into this topic. Or, create a TXT report of that page and attach it to your post.



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