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Stability Test - Hardware Failure detected test stopped.

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Please try Stability Test with factory default CPU and memory clock and voltages. If this eliminates the issue with AIDA64 test, then it means the overclock rate was too high. 



Hi i have the same problem running the stability test as a person named njudell, my system is ok with prime95  for hours, but will not run for a min without giving an hardwire error.


also i followed njudell's post, ie checking dll's and reinstalling etc, to no success!. p.s. i have attached a report of my system.  :(

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Hi i have already tried,  my system back in default settings before i posted the problem, also my AIDA64 has just upgraded to version 4.70.3237, and still have the problem, the only thing that, i have noticed is that it will run with only the CPU being stressed, but still gives an hardware error when FTP and/ or Cache selected.!

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